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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Infinity Secrets – Part 1...

In pondering the various issues surrounding the use of Finite optics on Infinity systems it dawned on me that perhaps the most fundamental issue was simply, "Why?..." (More specifically, "Why would anyone ever want to use Finite objectives on an Infinity microscope?")
Of course, there was the all-too-obvious answer, Temporary Insanity, but that seemed hardly worth adding to any list. After all, that might just be the sort of thing that might very easily affect anyone with an interest in Microscopy!
So, the search for valid reasons continued -- and that led to the development of this:
The Short List of Reasons for Finite > Infinity Transitions
Adventure -- You want to investigate a new Infinity application area but lack Infinity lenses. 
Curiosity -- Having heard that its possible, you now want to try it out and see for yourself.
Necessity -- You find they don't make the Infinity lens you need, so it's Finite or nothing!
Desperation -- You dropped your favorite Infinity lens and need to replace it, quickly.
Economy -- You own Finite lenses and now want to re-use them on your new Infinity scope.
Stupidity -- You buy an Infinity scope without lenses and now find can't afford the real things.
Caution -- You want an Infinity scope and need to know if your Finite lenses will work on it.
Lack of Knowledge -- You heard that it was 'impossible' - but want to attempt it anyway.
Blog reading -- You read Blogs like this one and are now just dying to try this out.

Still, all kidding aside, users can have all sorts of reasons for wanting to us Finite lenses on an Infinity scope, but, for the most part, these users all have two things in common:
(1)  They usually have Finite lenses already, often from their current (or, "old") Finite scope, and,
(2)  They either already have access to an Infinity scope or expect to have access to one, soon.
And, there is yet a third possible, related reason:
(3)  With a large investment already in Finite lenses, some users may want guidance in choosing an Infinity scope system which will allow maximum re-use of their existing Finite lens inventory.
Consequently, with all this as background, it seemed perfectly logical that what was needed here was a document which could give some truly practical guidance in these various areas.

This document is in two parts, with a third one planned.
The .pdf file for Part 1 (for reading on-line and/or download) is here:
I hope you enjoy this release and benefit from it in many ways…

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