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This is a brand new blog, by a brand new blogger. However, some readers may recognize this blog's title, taken from a series of books of the same name. Unfortunately, time has a way of gradually making printed material all too quickly outdated -- especially these days -- and so, this blog was created partly as an attempt to address that issue.

As we move forward from here on-going efforts will be made to transfer selected content from the Better Microscopy books series into this new format, not only to provide to provide more effective distribution, but also as a means for making timely additions and overdue updates to that material. In addition, much previously unpublished material is now planned to be released, including high-resolution color images.

The current plan is to aim for a content mix that is both interesting and educational -- perhaps even inspiring -- and which will address the needs and interests of a wide range of user levels, from beginner to semi-professional. With more decades of Microscopy experience than I care to admit, I hope I will be able to contribute something to others in terms of both knowledge and enjoyment.

I hope you find something of interest in new undertaking as it takes shape and gain much from its content, now and well into the future!

Just beware of the occasional attempts at humor...

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Beginning of the End?

Contrary to earlier hopes, these days it seems that there is less and less time available for non-essential activities, such as developing and maintaining a Blog. Increasing commitments in other areas mean that this situation is not likely to improve any time soon. This is certainly not what I had hoped for when I started this Blog, but it certainly is the situation now.

The intent of the Better Microscopy Blog had been to disseminate less-known information about Microscopy and to stress Practical aspects of both the art and science of the topic. However, constant distractions have made the effort more difficult, and more time-consuming, than planned.

The recent release of the Compendium Edition, almost at cost, has been one attempt to at least partially address this situation. And, almost needless to say, the long-overdue Immersion Microscopy release is languishing on "the back burner." This probably won't see the light of day now before the end of Winter.

Still, there is a bright side to all of this… An upgraded digital camera system is now coming into play and this should enable relatively efficient means for documenting new work – hopefully, far more efficiently than the simple text of past efforts. It should also add a bit of "color" to the pages!

So, while all is not lost, the train is still struggling to get out of the station. Apparently it is taking longer than anticipated to gather a good head of steam…

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