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This is a brand new blog, by a brand new blogger. However, some readers may recognize this blog's title, taken from a series of books of the same name. Unfortunately, time has a way of gradually making printed material all too quickly outdated -- especially these days -- and so, this blog was created partly as an attempt to address that issue.

As we move forward from here on-going efforts will be made to transfer selected content from the Better Microscopy books series into this new format, not only to provide to provide more effective distribution, but also as a means for making timely additions and overdue updates to that material. In addition, much previously unpublished material is now planned to be released, including high-resolution color images.

The current plan is to aim for a content mix that is both interesting and educational -- perhaps even inspiring -- and which will address the needs and interests of a wide range of user levels, from beginner to semi-professional. With more decades of Microscopy experience than I care to admit, I hope I will be able to contribute something to others in terms of both knowledge and enjoyment.

I hope you find something of interest in new undertaking as it takes shape and gain much from its content, now and well into the future!

Just beware of the occasional attempts at humor...

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Vanishing Act?

It has not escaped my attention that bits of this Blog seem to have mysteriously vanished!

The last time I checked they were all there and working just fine -- now, NOTHING remains!!! 

Of most immediate concern are two sets of External Links, the Document Links (for direct access to posted documents) and the Microscopy Links (for direct access to other, microscopy-related sites).

Naturally, these should be restored ASAP, but the question remains, "Why are they gone?"

This sort of occurrence does little to boost my confidence in Blogger as a reliable platform and so efforts will resume to identify a genuinely-reliable, and manageable, alternative host site.

To this end, a URL has already been obtained. Choosing a proper host is the next step.

Consideration is also being given to simply creating a Website to host the various documents directly, keeping this Blog as a secondary source and venue for commentary.

These days, supporting two independent document repositories, each with its own separate access, is a relatively trivial task. So, I may very well elect to go in that direction -- especially considering my past experiences with Website reliability, both here and elsewhere!

And, did I just hear someone mention, "Wordpress"?

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